Let’s Do Some Light Tackle Inshore Fishing!!!

     Do not miss the opportunity to catch lots of fish with these fishing techniques that usually mean a more constant action with the lines. We provide customer satisfaction for light tackle trolling, casting, bottom, fly and surf fishing tours. Mazatlan small game fishing is a great choice for those fishermen not only looking for a monster billfish, but also for a lot of action with lighter rods and tackle.

Free HOTEL-FLEET-HOTEL transportation will be provided if you book via e-mail!!!

Light Tackle Trolling:
Similar technique as in billfishing, with the boat always moving, searching for fish while trolling the lures on the surface. The main difference is the size of the lures and bait we use as well as the games we target.

     This kind of Mazatlan fishing is rich with Dorado (Mahi-Mahi), Snook, Rooster Fish, Skipjack Tuna, White Sea Bass, Sierra, Bonita, Chula (Frigate Mackerel), and Crevalle Jack.

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You can troll:

- Randomly, to catch Dorado (Mahi-Mahi), Skipjack Tuna, White Sea Bass, Sierra, Bonita, Chula, and Crevalle Jack.
- Around the open sea buoys, to catch Dorado (Mahi-Mahi).
- In the surf, to catch Rooster Fish, White Sea Bass and Snook.

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Casting: While trolling around for game fish, it is common to find buoys made of plastic, palm leaves or pieces of wood that serve as a shelter for bait fish. This is the reason why other larger fish like the Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) go to these spots: to feed from them.

     Your casting trip includes (optional) trolling from the harbor in our search for these spots (we know where to find them!!). Once found, we stop the boat and let you cast the fish feeding there. It is an exciting fishing technique as there is a great chance to catch large amounts of Bull Dorados in Mazatlan. Also, casting can be done when large schools or even a single fish are found on the surface without the presence of a buoy.

     If you have never done this, the skipper will be glad to help you out. We’ll try our best to help you catch that big fish!!!

Some pictures of casting action:

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The Bottom Fishing Experience:
This is a very exciting technique for everyone and definitely a good one for beginners and kids. In bottom fishing, we stop the boat and throw the lines with hook, bait and weight until they reach the bottom. That’s where lots of fish like Grouper, Red Snapper, Trigger Fish, Amberjack, Gulf Grouper, Mojarra, Spadefish, Flounder, Puffer Fish and many other are waiting for you to catch them!!

     The most famous bottom fishing spots in Mazatlan are the rocks around Stone and Goat Island, The Cardones rock, the Lighthouse, The Brother’s rock, The Sea Lions Rock, and The Three Islands. These are all very well reputed shallow rocky spots along Mazatlan coast line. Of course, we will also fish on shipwrecks and other reef spots that wouldn't like to disclose right now!!!!

     Inshore bottom fishing usually means catching dozens of fish so, if what you want are large amounts, this is what you’re looking for!!!!

Click photos to enlarge25 lb White Sea Bass!!!!! Click photos to enlarge
Big Gulf Coneys!!!!!


Name: Mahi Dreamer.

Length: 26 ft.

Top Speed: 35 Knots (150hp).

Inshore Fishing -
4 people.
Offshore Fishing - 4 people.
Inshore/Offshore Combo - 4 people.

Fishing Lines:
Inshore - 4.
Offshore - 4.

- Inshore Fishing: $449 USD.

- Offshore Fishing: $499 USD.

- Fishing Combo: $525 USD.

NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED (restrictions apply).

Every boat is certified by Mexican merchant marine safety regulations.

The boats are provided with: VHF Radio-Telephony, GPS, mobile phone, life jackets, first aid kit, livewell and two coolers.

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Price Includes: Passenger Insurance Policy, Skipper, Assistance, Fishing Equipment, Fresh Bait, Lures, Bottled Water and Ice.

Not Included: Fishing License and Tips.

Available at your Request:
Live Bait, Drinks and Box Lunches.

Optional Services: Marine Taxidermy and Smoking of your Fish.

Available Too: T-Shirts, Hats, Lures and Fish Guides.

Free HOTEL-FLEET-HOTEL transportation will be provided if you book via e-mail!!!
"Not valid in conjunction with any other promotion."

We honor “Catch and Release”, please do not hesitate in requesting
it before leaving the dock in your fishing trip.

No refunds on "No Shows" or Sea Sickness. Any damage to the vessel
or fishing gear will be paid by the customer.

Mazatlan fishing at its greatest.
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